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Below is a list of some of the service we provide, anything else not listed just call and as @ 403-497-4497 or email us @

  • Computer Repair

  • Virus Removal

  • Computer Housecalls

  • Laptop Screen Replacements

  • Printer Install and Networking

  • Hard Drive Replacements

  • Data Recovery

  • Remote Support

Virus Removal

Screen Replacements

Hard Drive Replacement

Removal of Malware/trojan/hijakers/virus's. This service provides cleaning and removal of any computer virus without losing your data. The flat rate for virus removal is $100.00

Sometimes accidents happen. Such as in a cracked Laptop LED/LCD screen. The cost to replace a laptop screen is around 200-250$ depending on the brand and model of laptop.

Hard Drives Die, sadly this is a fact. If your computer will not boot or is extremely slow. You may have a bad Hard Drive. Hard Drive replacements are $100.00 for the install with windows plus the cost of the HDD (bigger the drive more $). Ballpark $225.00

On-site troubleshooting

Driver Installs

All other things I.T

Has your computer stopped connecting to your network? Printer not printing? Need your Wii to play Netflix? No Problem. We offer on site support for hourly rates. $90 per / hour for home ​​

$120 per / hour for businesses. We also offer special rates for seniors $75 per / hour.

Often folks sound or wireless can stop working after an update.  We will troubleshoot the issue and install the proper driver and test for $40.00

Have another issue that isn't listed here? Just call us today for a free consultation over the phone. @ 403-497-4497

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